Hosted by marine biologist Nando Bretos and astronomer Dr. Jorge, and produced by Veronique Koch, Constanza Gallardo and Rafael Baldwin, the Science Cafecito podcast is born to tell intertwined stories of science, from a South Florida perspective, that entertain and challenge the minds of critical thinkers. Each episode helps us illustrate the relevant role South Florida plays not only in the scientific world, but also in technology, innovation, and art through the lens of science.

The podcast is made possible in part by a grant from the Miami chapter of The Awesome Foundation.

Nando has a master’s degree from the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. An active environmentalist, his research explores human impacts on tropical coastal habitats and migratory marine wildlife particularly sea turtles.

Dr. Jorge has squeezed terminal degrees in astronomy and fine arts out of the amalgamation of his right and left brain, and is now trying to have them talk to each other. He drinks chocolate milk and rides his bike to places.

Veronique is an accomplished, Emmy-awarded media professional delivering high quality, well-researched, original programs. She is an excellent multitasker, able to juggle multiple projects, and makes sure we stay on topic.

Rafael, when not chatting with George Clooney, Usain Bolt or Ban Ki-moon, can be found working at the intersection of filmmaking, sound and music production, computer programming, and human interaction.

Constanza is a bilingual multimedia journalist from Mexico who was part of CUNY Graduate School of Journalism’s first Spanish-language class in New York City and is now wandering around Miami.